How to invest in foreign exchange correctly, and what is the value and significance of investing in foreign exchange?

In addition to investing in foreign exchange, we want to realize the value of wealth growth through profit. What else can we gain?
As many traders have discovered, trading also brings many non-monetary benefits, which may be as valuable as potential capital gains, and even more long-term.

How to invest in foreign exchange correctly, and what is the value and significance of investing in foreign exchange?
What exactly will it bring to traders? as follows:

  1. Self-discipline habit
    Forex trading is not easy to make a profit, just like the Olympic world champions often need to control diet, training volume, training posture, etc. to win, trading is a craft that must be honed day after day, and strict discipline is also required.
    In trading, the planning and layout before trading, the practical behavior of researching fundamentals and icons during trading, and the psychological training after trading, all contribute to the formation of disciplinary behavior. Over time, it will evolve into a habit for traders. Your self-discipline also helps.
  2. Beyond the comfort zone
    As a great trading psychologist, Dr. Brett Steenbarger once said: “Your growth always exists on the other side of your discomfort. Whether in the gym or in career decisions, you will not develop yourself, just stay with your Comfort zone. “
    As an investment transaction, foreign exchange trading is a kind of aggressive behavior using money. Whether it is reducing the transaction volume or increasing the transaction volume, we all want to be the winner. Therefore, focusing on improving yourself has become a must-do item that cannot be avoided, and only a continuous improvement can make this game even better.
    3.About emotional balance
    In trading, you may have risked taking orders because of overconfidence. There may also be gloomy or even abandonment due to missing the trading profit point in 6 transactions. Between emotional swings, how to adjust the psychological state and how to control emotional abuse have become the normal topics and training topics in trading.
    At this point, our vision will slowly shift, starting to dilute the bottom line of profits and losses, focusing on how to trade, and how to maximize the potential life lessons learned from trading to achieve “curve trading.” . Because, all traders know that the best mentality is both gentle and relaxed.
    As well-known coach Phil Jackson always says, “Don’t be too high, not too low.” Although the potential capital gains are hard to ignore in a transaction, we must remember that it provides more than just monetary rewards.

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