What are the foreign exchange skills for foreign exchange skills?

(1) Foreign exchange should be invested in leisure assets

If the investor invests in the project with the necessary expenses of daily life, in case of loss, it will immediately endanger the life in the home, and the unsuccessful opportunities in the current investment market will increase. Because when collecting money with a sum of money that should not be used for project investment, the mental state is already in a disadvantage, so it is also impossible to maintain an objective and rational mentality in management decisions.

(2) Know your own friend when doing foreign exchange

You must know your temperament. It is very easy to have a desire or emotional instability. It is not suitable for this sales market. Most successful investors can manage their own mentality and have a careful and careful organizational discipline. They can reasonably restrain themselves. .

(3) Avoid excessive transactions in foreign exchange

To become a successful investor, one of the criteria is to maintain assets more than 3 times at any time and place to cope with price fluctuations. If you do not have sufficient assets, you should reduce the trading contract held by you, otherwise, you will be forced to “force the liquidation” to vacate the assets due to the shortage of funds, even if it is later proved that the eyesight is accurate.

(4) Recognize the sales market and eliminate imagination

Don’t take it easy, look forward to the future and remember the past. A British futures trader said: A person with hope is a happy and happy person, but he is not suitable as an investor. A successful investor can separate his emotions and transactions.

(5) Don’t change your thoughts rashly

Set the price and plan for the day’s opening in advance. Do not change the decision arbitrarily because of the current price rise and fall harm. It is very risky to make a temporary decision based on the change in the price of the day and its sales market information.

(6) Make a modest suspension of transactions

Trading day after day will make your resolution slow. A successful investor said: Whenever I feel that my mental appearance and resolution are as low as 90%, I just started to make no money, and when your situation is lower than 90%, I just started to lose money. Therefore, I Can learn to let go of everything for a few weeks. A short break will allow you to understand the sales market, understand yourself, and better understand the position of future project investment. Investor’s famous saying: When it is too close to the mountain forest, you can’t even recognize the current tree.

(7) Don’t blindly follow the trend of foreign exchange

Successful investors are not easy to follow the meaning of others blindly. When everyone feels that they should buy, we will sell unexpectedly. When everyone is in the same project investment position, especially when these small investors are also competing to follow up, successful investors will feel the risk and change their routes. This is the same as the basic theory of rebellion. When most people say they want to buy, you should sell unexpectedly.


(8) Rejecting others’ opinions

When you have mastered the position of the sales market, but have made basic decisions, you don’t have to change the decision just because of the harm of others. Sometimes the opinions of others seem to be very effective, so it is most appropriate to encourage you to change your mind and make decisions that you don’t know until later. To put it bluntly, the opinions of others are only referenced, and their own opinions are considered trading decisions.

(9) When not in doubt, hesitate

It is not necessary to open every day. Newcomers are usually keen to open trading, but successful investors will wait for opportunities. When they feel doubts after opening, they will leave the market first.

(10) Don’t be afraid when doing foreign exchange

When investing in the foreign exchange trading market, many psychological obstacles cause unsuccessfulness

A very common situation is when the investor responds to the damage and understands that it is no longer possible to be lucky, but usually hesitates and cannot be in danger, so it gets deeper and deeper and the damage increases.

(11) Farewell to past prices

“Past price” is a very difficult psychological problem to overcome. Many investors are saying that due to the harm of past prices, the project investment is not distinguished correctly. Generally speaking, after the sky-high price has passed, when the sales market declines, you will feel very unaccustomed to the new cheaps that appear; at that time, even after various analysis and display of information, the trend will decline again. Hou is very extreme, but before this new reserve price level, not only will it be difficult for investors to sell their own goods, but they will also feel very “low” but have a desire to buy. On. Therefore, investors should “goodbye to past prices.”

(12) Endure is project investment

There is a famous saying in the current investment market that “endure is a project investment.” This is a firm belief that very few investors can guarantee. Those who work in project investment must shape good willpower, which is usually an important part of success and failure. Many investors do not have low logical thinking ability, nor do they lack project investment work experience. They just lack a physical strength, buy or sell too early, thus causing unnecessary damage.

(13) Stop loss locations should be determined for foreign exchange

It is a key project investment method. Because the project investment operation risk is quite high, in order to prevent the damage caused by the project investment in the event of an error, we should set a stop-loss order every time the opening transaction, that is, when the interest rate drops to a predetermined price, When the downturn, the transaction is immediately paid off, so this type of order is the order information that limits damage, so that people can limit the further expansion of damage.

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