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2010-05-01 01:07
Many credit repair companies make bold claims to fix your credit report. They claim that no matter what the individual's credit problems are, the company can fix them. Is this true?

Unfortunately no, it's not. There are fraudulent credit repair companies that prey on people with bad credit. It is said that fraudulent companies have taken over 50 million dollars from the consumers.

This is done because when your credit is bad you are in a vulnerable position. You can pay high fees and interest or you fix your credit history.

Can they guarantee results? No, and when a credit repair company guarantees a result this is a huge warning sign. A guarantee is a good indicator that the company is a fraud and you should not hire them.

There are some credit repair companies that are trustworthy and will fight on your behalf. These companies are often more efficient than individuals because they are familiar with the credit bureaus tactics to avoid investigations. These companies can be forceful in getting the credit bureaus to act.

When researching credit repair companies look for warranties and refunds rather than guarantees. Take the time to see what old customers have to say about the company and the results they experienced.

Credit bureaus rarely investigate dispute requests because it costs the bureaus money. It also goes against the goal of the credit bureaus. This is to provide lenders with a measurable value on the likelihood of the individual repaying on the credit line.

If you are tired of paying for a mistake made in the past I recommend repairing your credit. It is a good idea to hire a credit repair company that can throw their weight around and force the credit bureau to respond to the dispute process. I recommend Lexington Law firm they have been in business for over 15 years with proven results.

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