What is the Definition of a Bad Debt Credit Card

2010-05-01 01:07
A bad debt credit card is simple: it is a credit card that the suppliers offer to those who have debt, usually really bad debt. Does this wow you? That a company would offer someone with debt a credit card? Don't let your thoughts go too far, yet.

They can be put into two different categories, based on what you know about cards. The first category of these cards is those that are secured . These cards require some type of security. For example, sometimes you have to open as well as maintain a bank account with the supplier of the bad card. The limit that is on the card is calculated as a certain percentage of the balance you have in the bank account that you opened with the credit card supplier. Usually, this is about 50-100 percent of the amount of money in your account. This will let you spend only the amount of money you have in your account. Nothing changes except the way you spend this money. With a cards of this type, you are able to enjoy the convenience as well as other benefits that come along with normal credit cards, even if you have bad debt. The security that comes along with this type of card is mainly for the sake of the company because it can be very hard to trust someone who does not have a great credit history or rating.

The other category of this type of card isn't anything out of the ordinary. They are the same as we commonly know; the only difference is how they are obtained and the main objective behind the card. With this category, the credit card becomes a debt consolidation mechanism, usually to consolidate a bad debt because any debt is bad. This is why these cards are given a negative bad name. These cards work by transferring the balance that you owe on the high interest credit cards you already have to another credit card. These cards usually have a much lower APR. These cards are able to help you consolidate your debt and get some sort of relieve from the high ARP that you had to deal with on your previous one.

A lot of people accept both of these cards while others don't necessarily agree that they belong under the same sub-title as bad debt credit cards. What you see as the difference is your choice. In any case, these cards are available if you are struggling with debt.

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