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2010-05-01 02:59 is offering YOU a FREE 5-Day Online Live Trading & Investing Seminar™. Your only obligation is to sign up as seats are limited to the first 20 to enroll per seminar. This highly interactive seminar is VALUED AT $6,995.00 offering a direct savings to YOU with no obligation and NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED!

At SMF we understand the mistakes made at each level of trading. Even a 40-year veteran learns that the market isn’t what it once was, and a consistent reevaluation of trading and psychological patterns is needed to maintain success.

At we believe that beginner, intermediate, & advanced investors can outperform BULL & BEAR markets by understanding all the aspects of a publicly traded company. Step-by-step, hands-on live investing and trading during the actual earnings season with real profits will help you learn at a much faster rate. Allow yourself the opportunity to take your investing and trading to the next level.

At SMF we surveyed our new and existing client base over the years and discovered that most investors felt they never received the type of attention they needed to accomplish personal success. The working examples that clients described were only text book materials that provided no significant value in helping individuals achieve long-term profitability in the stock market.

How SMF Is Revolutionalizing the Financial Services Industry

The SMF Money Management Plans are designed to provide capital so that traders and new investors can participate in all areas of the stock market. SMF understands you will have many questions that need to be answered, especially for those who think they may not qualify

Money Management Program: Our highly skilled managers are constantly monitoring every dollar invested daily and tell you more about how to manage money effectively with Money managememt programs. You can learn how to implement new effective trading and investing strategies on a short-term, intermediate, and long-term basis.

Option Trading: Option Trading will help to know about proprietary suite of professional-level options trading tools which have never been revealed to the industry. These proprietary tools create wealth when trading in the options markets. Option trading courses includes interactive online classes, option tools and resources, learninig guides and informational literature on trading.

Active Trading Programs: • Traders only need $5,000 to open a StockMarketFunding Account • Statistics show any successful trading business requires a minimum amount of trading capital • Traders get 10x intra-day stock buying power on their capital • Traders get 4x over-night stock buying power on their capital • Traders get 4x intra-day buying power on options trading • Account will provide traders with a minimum of $50,000 intra-day buying power • This keeps traders above the $25,000 pattern day-trading rule • Traders buying power increases every time you make money, (example: you make $1,000 on a trade, the next day you have an additional $10,000 buying power.) • Increased buying power provides additional opportunity for risk-management diversification

Join as they hire many more leading experts in the financial industry to bring to every common American a solution to there futures.

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