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Features of Soft Tax Software Launched By Indus Info

2010-05-01 02:58
Features of Soft Tax Software : SAY BYE-BYE TO MANUAL DATA ENTRY Soft-tax offer you with AUTO Import Data facility that complete accounting of share for any period with a single click within a minute.No need to enter single entry, No more typing.

CAPITAL GAINS REPORT It generates Short term & Long term gain with all the information require for tax reporting including indexation report.

CLOSING STOCK HOLDING REPORT It generates consolidated & detailed stock statement of whole family as on any date calculated on FIFO basis.It will let you quickly see which share you have available & the net average price paid for them.

MARKET PRICE UPDATE You can monitor & analyze all your investments thereby base any profitable future investment decision by downloading end of day market price.

INTEGRATED FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING & BOOKKEEPING Accounting entries like cash/bank book, Ledger, Trial balance, P&L, Balance sheet etc are Automatically created & posted .

CORPORATE ACTION User can enter various types of corporate action like: Bonus, Splits, Merger, Rights, IPO etc.

MAINTAIN DAY BOOK Trades for a particular period-Broker wise, Scrip wise, Date wise etc.

NET RATE PER SCRIPT Unlike other software, brokerage, STT, service tax, turnover, stamp duty etc are calculated automatically & posted Scrip wise.

SCRIP STATUS REPORT Track your transaction history maintains a complete record of your purchases, sale & expenses scrip wise.

TAX SAVING REPORT (11 MONTHS) It lets you know about those shares which are going to be on long term.

MAXIMUM SIMPLICITY AND EASE it is Pure, simple & user friendly. Even a person untouched with computer can also operate it very easily.Soft-tax is the most robust, customizable & scaleable system that gives you a better understanding of your investment.

MORE THAN ONE USER PORTFOLIO A/C Create & Manage more than one user portfolio a/c for your family members, friends, and clients with an option to get a unified view.

EASY RECONCILATION Compare the account balance with the statement given by your broker.

EXPORT FACILITY empowers you to E-mail the data & Export it anywhere

BIRD’S EYE VIEW OF ALL YOUR INVESTMENT It shows opening stock, purchase, sale, average purchase rate, closing Qty.& value, market rate & value, realized & unrealized P&L, long term, short term, speculation, commodity & F&O gain and also % age wise return on investment etc, in a simple concise one page summary.

STRONG BACKUP FACILITY offers you with Auto backup facility.


Soft tax software has been very useful to every one. The soft-tax provides all the desire details. It will quickly show which share is available & the net avg. rate paid for them. Total share management is done on this software automatically & with ease. Soft-tax helps taking prompt decision in the business where time is precious. It makes wish come true.

Soft tax is really awesome product. Soft tax maintains many accounts. A person just needs to import the contract note to their accounts and they have got all the details with them within a moment. It enables totally error free computation. Soft tax is great software. Everyone can find the features in this software most useful especially the facility of auto import. Today all of soft tax clients complete their share account on their own due to this software & giving reports at a time. Using this software share accounting & computing tax return is no longer tedious.Anyone needn’t waste time & labor in calculating, checking & preparing long term & short term gains & statements as Soft-tax perform all the tasks automatically. It has increased everyone’s productivity & save time & money. It gives Complete peace of mind.

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