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Why interest on online payday loans is high?

2010-05-01 02:48
Are you searching for the means to bridge the financial gap between two pay days? The Payday loan is the shortest form of unsecured borrowing with small loan amounts ranging from £50 to £1000. In these loans, the borrower needs to provide evidence of paid employment with recent payslip advise or a bank statement to prove a constant source of income. These loans are approved without the need for full credit checks against the borrower. This makes the loans most popular for borrowers with no credit or bad credit needing to borrow a small amount for a short period of time.

Some lenders require the borrower to fax copies of a recent bank statement and pay slip or wage slip while approving the loan. There lenders offering No Fax payday loans also. These cash advances are for a short period only usually 2 weeks advanced only against the next months pay cheque or wage. The lender deposits the cash directly into the borrowers checking account and will collect the loan payment on the date of the next payday. The lenders usually charge around £15 per £100 borrowed over the two week period, with rollover payday advances available.

The APRs offered by Online Payday loans companies are different order altogether from traditional loan plans. It's not unusual to see huge interest rates of 300% APR or even higher, with some calculations actually putting the APRs into the 1000% and above range. Clearly, this sky scrapping interest rate makes Online Payday loans much more expensive than other types of finance. The hike in the interest rate is due to the following reasons. These loans are not designed for long term lending, which is what the APR system is designed to measure. Most of these loans are taken out over a period of days or at most a few weeks. The loan amount is charged a flat fee however long it actually is to your next wage, rather than incurring interest in the ordinary sense. This short term repayment tenure factor vastly inflates the APR figures, making the loans look ludicrously overpriced.

The fees involved in are hefty. It is £15 for each £100 borrowed is typical, with some lenders charging even more. The basic reason for this is that the loans are available to almost anybody without any discrimination who have a job and suitable bank account. The easier the approval process the higher the risk to the lender and for this reason only the more expensive the credit will be. The speed of cash payout is a major benefit of Online Payday loans, and as with anything, you tend to pay more for convenience and speed of loan approval.

No one can deny that Bad credit payday loans are at the costlier end of borrowing. However, if you only use them in an emergency and don't extend the term, you won't be racking up the crippling interest charges. The APR figures of online payday loans suggest that, and you might well feel the costs involved are outweighed by the convenience and speed of getting hold of cash to see you through a budget shortfall.

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