Same Day Loan: The borrowings for a better future

2010-05-01 02:15
When we are in immediate need of fund and cannot wait even for the next day, it is advisable to go for a same day loan to meet the financial emergency as the money is transferred to the borrower’s bank account the very same day he/she applies for the loan.

are short term loans to meet unexpected short-term financial emergency which requires prompt response and which cannot be postponed to the next day. However the amount and tenure of these loans are small in nature and interest rates are higher compared to conventional long tem loans as the lender would like to secure the risk arising out of such unsecured lending. Application forms which are available online in the lender’s website are very simple and easy to fill and require very less details and time so that the entire procedure, from application to approval to disbursal of the loan amount can be completed within the same day.

First time borrowers who are unaware of the loan formalities and how it functions can go for these same day loan. They can go though the different websites available for this purpose and can even call the loan experts for help. To qualify for such loan, one has to be above 18 years of age, should have a permanent employment and a regular income along with a valid bank account.

For same day loan, the borrower has to pay the fees along with the loan amount. The fees can be a pre-decided percentage of the loan amount or according to the arrangement made between the lender and the borrower.

Such loans are short tenured loans and the tenure can be anything between 4-8 weeks or as decided between the lender and the borrower. If the borrower fails to repay the loan in time, the lender en-cashes the post dated cheque taken at the time of beginning of the transaction. So it is important to check one’s financial position before one goes in for a same day loan as a default in payment may result in paying additional fees to both the lender and to the borrower’s bank.

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