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How to beat the Debt Trap 1

2010-05-01 01:20
More and more people are getting further into debt every day in Britain and face serious consequences if little or no action is taken. Britain's debt is increasing by £1 million every 4 minutes meaning debt for the year increases by 18,720,000,000 (18.7 billion). When you are in debt it is impossible to simply jump out of debt. The process of getting out of debt is a long and tedious one but eventually extremely rewarding.

The single most important step you need to do is to write down every financial detail that takes place in your working month down to your monthly income and gym membership to how much you spend on your lunch or on a night out. Write down everything going in and out. Only when you sit down and work out how much you're actually getting in to how much is going out will you even come close to solving your debt problems.

Once you have these two lists, compare them both and prioritise your outgoings. For example; your home repayments and utility bills should be at the top with lunch and nights out near the bottom.

You will notice that you will be spending money on things which aren't a necessity e.g. nights out, clothes or lunch. Start to cut back on a few of these things and budget appropriately. If you find yourself going out for lunch everyday, consider a packed lunch or if you go out twice a week, try once or once every other week. Money you can save on these cutbacks will drastically affect your remaining balance which can be used to save or pay off your existing debts slowly. All you need is the commitment and obedience to do this and you will be making a start.

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